Characteristics Of Refining Slag

As we all know, the main components of refining slag are calcium aluminate, alumina, silica, calcium fluoride, magnesium oxide, etc. These metal ions combine to form a calcium oxide-calcium fluoride group, a calcium oxide-alumina group, and a calcium oxide-alumina -silica group to form a composite material known as refining slag. Refining slag manufacturing is a necessary additive for deoxidization and desulfurization in the refining process of iron and steel enterprises.


Refining slag manufacturing
Refining slag manufacturing

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Introduction To Composition Of Refined Slag

1. CaO

CaO is an essential component of slag making, dephosphorization and desulfurization in metallurgical production. Mainly take the natural limestone as the raw material, the smelting effect is remarkable. It is composed of blast furnace slag, converter slag, electric slag and all kinds of pre-melting refining slag. In our slag manufacturing process, in order to ensure its good desulfurization effect, high free state CaO is required in the pre-melted slag.

2. Al2O3

Al2O3 mainly comes from raw materials and deoxidized products. It has two main effects on the desulfurization effect. First, with the increase of Al2O3, the slag viscosity decreases, which can effectively promote the slag steel reaction and is conducive to desulfurization. Second, its increase reduces the activity of Al2O3 and inhibits the desulfurization.

3. SiO2

SiO2 is mainly derived from impurities and deoxidized products containing bands in raw materials. It has a certain fusing function, but the increase of its content is unfavorable to deoxidization and desulfurization.

4. CaF2 and MgO

CaF2 can significantly reduce the viscosity of pre-melted refining slag, improve slag fluidity and facilitate desulfurization. Re-melting type refining slag manufacturing, MgO is mainly from slag and refractory, and its desulfurization ability is slightly lower than that of CaO.

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Refining Slag Advantage

  1. Fast melting speed at low melting point, shorten refining time and reduce refining power consumption;
  2. Refining slag manufacturing, good fluidity, good desulfurization and inclusion removal ability;
  3. No flame in use, small dust;
  4. No water absorption, no dust, no deterioration during storage and transportation;
  5. Its good submerged arc effect, which reduces the burning corrosion of the arc on the lining and improves the coating age.


Refining slag for sale
Refining slag for sale

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The refined slag produced by our factory is free of fluorine, hydrogen, nitrogen, carbon and other impurities, which is conducive to improving the quality of steel products produced. No water absorption, not to furnace lining and ladle erosion. Moreover, compact structure, easy to transport, storage. The refining slag manufacturing has stable phase, fast slag formation, and significantly reduces dust pollution in steel mills. The application of this series of metallurgical auxiliary materials has greatly improved the efficiency of steel production and the quality and performance of finished steel products.

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