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Buy High Strength Alkali Proof Castable Refractory Materials For Sale Cheap From Rongsheng Company. High Strength Alkali Proof Castable is a kind of common used unshaped refractory castable that can be applied in the cement rotary kilns. If you have requirements for High Strength Alkali Proof Castable, Welcome to Email Us for Free Quote Now!

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    What is  High Strength Alkali Proof Castable

    Alkali resistant castable belongs to the silicate aluminum refractory castable. It is made of refractory aggregates, binders and alkali resistance powder. Its aggregates are ceramsite, sticky soil clinker, waste porcelain material, high strength expanded perlite, etc. together with calcium aluminate cement and sodium silicate as binders.

    Because when the temperature is at 1250℃, it crusts forming a protective layer, preventing the erosion and infiltration to the casting body of the basic flow, slags or other materials. Due to its resistance to alkali gas and clinker or slags with long service life, high strength, low bulk density, and high refractoriness, alkali resistant castable is widely used in the industrial furnaces that are eroded by alkali materials, such as the kiln hood, preheater system, decomposition furnace.

    High Strength Alkali Proof Castable Features

    High strength alkali proof castable is featured with strong resistance to erosion of alkali metal oxide, such as K2O and Na2O. It is a kind of alkali resistance hydraulic castable. Alkali power can be high siliceous refractory materials, which can react with metal oxide at high temperature generating high viscosity liquid products, which forming a glaze layer avoiding the penetration and erosion of the alkali melting metal.

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      Physical and Chemical Index Of High Strength Alkali Proof Castable

      Items                            Brands YH-F16 YH-F16K
      Al2O3 ≥        48       45
      Bulk Density g/cm3 ≥ 110℃×24h 2.2-2.4     2.2-2.4
      Modules of rupture Mpa ≥ 1110℃×3h          7        8
      110℃×24h          7        8
      Cold crushing Strength Mpa ≥ 1110℃×3h          70        80
      1110℃×3h          70        80
      Linear dimensional change 1110℃×3h         ±0.4       ±0.4

      Classifications Of High Strength Alkali Proof Castable

      Alkali proof refractory castable can be classified into light and heave. The former means its porosity is greater than 45%, while that of the latter is less than 45%. Generally speaking, the chemical compositions of light alkali resistant refractory castable are Al2O3 30% ~ 55% and SiO2 25% ~ 45%. While the heavy alkali resistance refractory castable uses calcined bauxites and chamotte as the aggregates binder and alkali resistant powder are the same with that of the light alkali resistant castable. The main chemical compositions are Al2O3 35% ~ 60%; SiO2 35% ~ 60%. Light alkali proof refractory castable is mainly used in the preheater roof, kiln shell, and the alkali erosion area of kiln as the alkali resistant and heat insulation linings. Heavy alkali resistant refractory castable are mainly used in the rotary kiln for the calcined alumina, and the head, end, preheater, discharge hole and tuyere of the cement rotary kiln.

      Alkali Proof Refractory Castable



      • Porosity: more than 45%
      • Chemical components: Al2O3 30% ~ 55%, SiO2 25% ~ 45%
      • Applications: preheater roof, kiln shell, and the alkali erosion area of kiln, etc.

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        • Porosity:less than 45%
        • Chemical components: Al2O3 35% ~ 60%, SiO2 35% ~ 60%
        • Applications: rotary kiln for the calcined alumina, and the head, end, preheater, discharge hole and tuyere of the cement rotary kiln.

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          High Strength Alkali Proof Castable Usages

          To conclusion, high strength alkali proof castable can be used in the following parts:

          • Kiln hood, grate cooler, and cold end of cooler
          • Coal nozzle, preheater system, pipeline system, and kiln mouth of the large and medium-sized dry process cement kilns
          • Preheater system or the pipeline system of the decomposition furnace
          • Iron and steel industry, and glass industry
          • Machinery industry, and petrochemical industry
          • Preheat decomposition zone of the ordinary dry process rotary kiln, etc.

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          Buy  High Strength Alkali Proof Castable

          • Construction Methods:Vibration, Casting, and Gunning, etc.
          • Packaging: Sealed bottles, wear-resistant, moisture-proof double-layer bags with linings.
          • Storage and Transportation: In the process of loading and transportation, please take protective measures of preventing rain, snow, and to effectively prevent the products from being damp.

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            High Strength Alkali Proof Castable Suppliers

            Zhengzhou Rongsheng Kiln Refractory Co. Ltd  is a comprehensive enterprise specialized in refractory materials for more than 20 years. There are about 1262 employees, including senior technical personnel 65, high-tech workers 80 and complete physical and chemical testing equipment and advanced detection methods. The credit rating is AAA grade, and the economic indicators and the enterprise technical force, namely the scale keep the leading position in the domestic industry.

            With superior quality and good credit, it has obtained the production license issued issued by the state and participated in the research and set of the refractory materials standard. In order to adapt the market, the company has established long-term stable technical cooperation with colleges and universities.


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              Its major business are shaped and unshaped refractory materials.

              Shaped Refractory Products

              1. High alumina products: Usually used as the high alumina brick, phosphate bonded aluminum bricks, and high alumina refractory balls, etc. They are used in the blast stove, hot blast stove, electric stoves, and cement kilns, and so on;
              2. Silica refractory products: Silica brick for coke stove, hot  blast stove, and glass kiln;
              3. Clay refractory products: Clay brick for the hot blast stove, alkali proof brick and low porosity clay brick for the cement;
              4. Alkali refractory products: Magnesia brick, magnesium aluminum brick and magnesium chromium brick;
              5. Special refractory products: Silica mullite brick for cement kiln, wear-resistant refractory product;
              6. Insulation refractory products: High alumina brick, clay brick, diatomaceous earth brick, silica insulation refractory brick, insulation products.

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                Unshaped Refractory Materials

                RS has various of unshaped refractory materials, such as the followings:


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                Calcined bauxite aggregate is of great importance to refractory materials. Such calcination of bauxite has the properties of high alumina, ...
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                RS provides superior products, professional information and all-around services winning good reputation at home and abroad. Company products except for the domestic use, they are also exported to different consumers in India, Iran, Ireland, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Japan, Greece, Australia, Vietnam, Russia, southeast Asia and other countries and regions.


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                  Rongsheng has always been adhering to the business purpose of honesty, respectful, innovation, dedication. It will persist the strategic developing road based on quality and cheap to establish its own brand. Since then 2004, it has gained the honor of advanced enterprise given by the Industrial and Commercial Bureau of Henan Province, for its good credit. And now it has been a high-tech and fast growth enterprise.

                  By scientific management, sound customer information management system and abundant products, Rongsheng provides satisfactory, timely, and efficient service to the consumers.

                  We are looking forward to your participation, and hoping to establish friendly cooperative relationship with you!

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