Spinel Refractory Bricks

Magnesium aluminate spinel refractory is simply called spinel refractory, which is alkali refractory. It is featured with spalling resistance, high temperature creep resistance, high refractoriness under load, slag resistance, and good thermal shock resistance, being widely used in the lining of the ladle, open hearth, and the cement rotary kiln.

magnesia alumina spinel brick

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    Spinel Refractory Bricks Specification

    Items Index
    MgO,  % ≥82
    Al2O3  % 13-15
    Fe2O3  % ≤0.8
    Bulk Density,(g/cm3) ≥2.98
    Apparent Porosity,  % ≤17
    Cold Crushing Strength,  MPa ≥60
    Refractoriness Under Load, °C, [0.2MPa×0.6%] ≥1700
    Thermal Shock Resistance, Times,  [1100°C, water-cooling] ≥15
    Refractoriness, °C ≥1800

    Spinel Bricks Composition

    Magnesia alumina spinel refractory brick contains magnesia alumina spinel about 20-30%. But such brick that used in the ladle contains 30-40%, because of the complicated factors. So, in the process of making bricks, fused magnesium and corundum power should be added.

    The quality of the magnesium aluminate spinel is the key to the magnesium aluminate spinel brick. Due to the maturity of the technique of the magnesium aluminium spinel, the characters of the spinel refractory bricks are remarkably improved in recent years.

    magnesium alumina spinel brick


    • Magnesia alumina spinel: 20-30%


    • Such bricks used in the ladle: 30-40%


    • Other materials: fused magnesium and corundum power

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      Magnesia-Alumina Spinel Brick Properties

      Magnesium aluminate spinel refractory brick is featured with high melting point, low thermal expansion coefficient, low thermal stress, alkali slag resistance, good creep resistance, high refractoriness under load, good thermal shock resistance and spalling resistance. In addition, it is resistant to basic slags with stable chemical properties, which is key factor that improves the service life of the thermal equipment, and the main reason of the application of the magnesia alumina spinel unburned brick.

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      • High melting point and low thermal stress
      • Low thermal expansion coefficient
      • Alkali slag resistance
      • Spalling resistance
      • Good creep resistance
      • Good thermal shock resistance
      • High refractoriness under load

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        Spinel Bricks Manufacturing  Methods

        The production process of the magnesium alumina spinel brick is as follows:

        Magnesia crushing, grinding and selecting, mixing, forming, drying and firing.

        In detail, magnesia and the magnesia alumina spinel is broken, making the aggregate and power meet the requirement. Then, weighting and compounding the aggregate and power, adding some binders, such as the sodium ailicate solution, and the polyphosphate, which improves the strength in the heating process. Next, mixing the materials in the mixing mill, about 15-20minutes, molding the semi-manufactured products in the brick machine, about 8-16 hours. And at last, firing the dried adobes in the tunnel kiln at high temperature about 1660-1680℃.

        Magnesia Spinel Bricks Applications

        Spinel refractory bricks are used in the following parts:

        spinel brick


        • Lining of the ladle
        • Roof of the open hearth
        • Sintering zone of the cement rotary kiln
        • Converter
        • Heating furnace
        • Blast furnace

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          Spinel Bricks Manufacturer

          Zhengzhou Rongsheng Kiln Refractory Co. Ltd, established in the early 90s of twenty century, located in the foot of Mount Song, a place of Xinmi city, which is in the middle of Zhengshao Expressway. The abundant high quality materials and convenient transportation, neighboring the Longhai and Jingguang railway lines, provide favorable conditions for the production of the refractory materials. After 20 years of hardworking and development, it has become a comprehensive enterprise producing refractory materials in metallurgy, building materials, electric power and chemical industry, etc.


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            Its major refractory materials are as follows:

            Unshaped Refractory Products

            unshaped refractory materials

            1. Refractory castable
            2. High alumina cement
            3. Calcined bauxite aggregate, etc.

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              Insulation Materials

              what is insulation board

              1. Refractory board;
              2. Ceramic fiber blanket;
              3. Refractory rope, etc.

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                Shaped Refractory Products

                1. Alumina products;
                2. Silica refractory products;
                3. Fireclay refractory products;
                4. Magnesia refractory products;
                5. Silicate refractory products, etc.
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                Strict quality management system: it works according to the standard of ISO9001 from the materials, producing to the testing. Professionals strictly check at every process. Excellent products and services are the top goal.

                Professional sales and after-sales service team: they offer consumers the best all-round services in applications, construction and installation, operation and technical training, etc. Rongsheng has established cooperative relations with multiple scientific research institutes, and its products has exported to Japan, Indonesia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, etc.

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                  Rongsheng has always been adhering to the business purpose of honesty, respectful, innovation, and dedication. With the strategic developing road based on quality and cheap to establish its own brand, plus scientific management, and sound customer information management system, Rongsheng sells spinel bricks at lower price than other manufacturers.

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