Refractory Castable

Refractory Castable is one type of monolithic refractory materials, which is made of multiple aggregates and one kind or multiple kinds of adhesives. When using refractory castable, match with liquid through stiring. Refractory Castable is featured with high refractoriness, liquidity and plasticity, and can be used in the thermal equipment of metallurgy, chemical industry, petroleum, and light industry.

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Refractory Castable for Sale

Refractory castable for sale is a kind of special refractory materials. Compared with the other monolithic refractories, refractory castble has its own properties. This refractory material has more binders and water, so it has good fluidity and thixotropic properties. As a kind of refractory mortar, it is conveniently used in the way of pouring at high heat, or being made into prefabricated blocks, because it doesn’t need heating before use.

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  • Good fluidity and flexibility
  • Convenient construction
  • High temperature resistance
  • Small occupied area and low investment
  • Prolong service life of thermal equipment
  • Excellent applicability, etc.


As is a kind of monolithic refractory, refractory castables are made of refractory aggregates or refractory sand, refractory powders, binders, additives and water at certain proportion.

Refractory Castable Application

With abundant raw materials, refractory castable price is lower, so that they can be widely used in the heat equipment of metallurgy, chemical industry, petroleum, and light industry, such as the following parts:

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  • Cement rotary kiln and blast furnace shaft
  • Soaking furnace and coke oven
  • Metallurgical furnace and hearth of the heating furnace
  • Non-ferrous metal metallurgy, ladle, and smelting furnace
  • Converter, boiler, steel spout, and iron trough
  • Lining of the incinerator and air duct lining, etc.

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According to its properties and functions, these refractory castables can be classified into insulation castable, high alumina concrete, low cement castable(LCC), steel fiber castable, and so on. Based on the chemical properties, it can be classified into alkaline castable, neutral castable, and acid castable. Magnesium or calcium is the main chemical composition of the alkaline castable, which can be used at the environment where a lot of alkaline gasses or slags are produced. Alumina or carbon is the main component in the neutral castable, which is used in all of the high heat environment, because it can withstand either acid or alkaline atmosphere, such as the corundum castable. As for the acid resistant concrete, silica is the most represented material. Such castable can be used in the acid environment.

Attentions: Refractory Castable needs regular repairs, because it maybe splits because of the erosion of the slags or thermal shock.

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Refractory Castable Manufacturers

RS Group is one of refractory castable manufacturer, specialized in refractory materials for more than 20 years. Now RS Group own its large-scale unshaped refractory castable production line. It mainly produces unshaped refractory materials, such as castables, high alumina cement, refractory clay cement, plastic refractory, ramming mass, raging fabrics, spray coatings, etc.

Rongsheng provides superior refractory castable products, professional information and all-around services winning good reputation at home and abroad. Company products except for the domestic use, they are also exported to India, Iran, Ireland, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Japan, Greece, Australia, Vietnam, Russia, southeast Asia and other countries and regions, and RS has won great reputation. If you are looking for unshaped refractory materials for your thermal equipment or industrial furnaces, you are welcome to place an order with us.

About 20 years’ of  hard working of  1262 employees, Rongsheng has become an excellent refractories enterprise with credit rating  at AAA grade, and the economic indicators and the enterprise technical force, namely the scale keep the leading position in the domestic industry. Since then 2004, it has gained the honor of advanced enterprise given by the Industrial and Commercial Bureau of Henan Province, for its good credit. And now it has been a high-tech and fast growth enterprise.

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