Impermeable Graphite Brick – Hydrofluoric Acid Resistant Material

Impermeable graphite bricks are the only masonry material resistant to hydrofluoric acid. They are made of artificial graphite and synthetic resin. Artificial graphite has porosity, so it needs to be impregnated to improve the impermeability of the graphite bricks. Hydrofluoric acid-resistant impermeable graphite bricks are generally impregnated with phenolic resin. The process is carried out in the impregnation kettle using pressure reduction (vacuum degree is 0.7~1MPa) and pressurization (0~6MPa) processes. Phenolic resin-impregnated graphite bricks are resistant to 5% nitric acid and 40% hydrofluoric acid; furan resin-impregnated graphite bricks are resistant to 210% nitric acid and 220% hydrofluoric acid. Fluororesin-impregnated graphite bricks are resistant to various concentrations of nitric acid, hydrofluoric acid, and mixed acids.

Impermeable Graphite Bricks
Impermeable Graphite Bricks

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    Excellent Properties of Corrosion-Resistant Graphite Blocks

    The graphite carbon material used is added with an organic compound with strong acid resistance. It is refined through high-pressure molding, vacuum impregnation, and high-temperature heat treatment processes. With extraordinary acid resistance and temperature resistance, it is an ideal lining material for phosphoric acid reaction tanks, phosphoric acid storage tanks, and other equipment in the chemical industry.

    1. Excellent corrosion resistance.

    The product uses high-quality graphite carbon material and adds an organic compound with strong acid resistance. It effectively reduces the porosity of the product and increases the volume density of the product. Therefore, the products have excellent anti-corrosion properties and strong wear resistance.

    1. Stable performance and strong durability.

    This product uses high-strength organic glue as the binding agent and introduces high-tech additives. Therefore, the product has high strength, good wear resistance, extremely stable structure, and the structure of the product does not change with temperature changes.

    Graphite Block in the Electrolysis Industry
    Graphite Block in the Rongsheng Factory

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      1. Overall dimensions.

      Using molding, the product has good molding quality and standard appearance and dimensions. And we can produce special products according to user requirements, which can fully meet the requirements of construction masonry technology.

      Therefore, graphite carbon plate has the characteristics of wear resistance, temperature resistance, pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, creep resistance, oil-free self-lubrication, small expansion coefficient, and excellent sealing performance.

      Rongsheng Graphite Bricks

      Rongsheng impermeable graphite bricks are resistant to hydrofluoric acid erosion. They are divided into three categories: impregnated graphite bricks, pressed graphite bricks, and cast graphite bricks, all of which are made of artificial graphite and synthetic resin. Considering the price factor, phenolic-impregnated graphite bricks can be selected. Phenolic resin alone is resistant to 5% nitric acid and 40% hydrofluoric acid, but not 20% nitric acid. Graphite bricks impregnated with phenolic resin have been used for pickling steel in stainless steel companies for more than ten years with good results, with an acid resistance rate of over 96%. In addition to the impregnation method, impermeable graphite bricks can also be made by mixing graphite powder and resin and then injection molding to make bricks. The above two graphite bricks have an acid resistance rate greater than 95% and are qualified products. To purchase high-quality acid-resistant graphite brick products, please contact Rongsheng Refractory Materials Manufacturer. We can provide free samples and solutions.

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