Refractories Applied in the Non-ferrous Industry

Refractory products used in the non-ferrous industry as follows:

  • Fused rebonded magnesia chrome bricks, fused semi-rebonded magnesia chrome bricks;
  • Direct bonded magnesia chrome bricks, fused magnesia bricks;
  • Spinel bricks, chrome corundum bricks,magnesia chrome bricks;
  • High alumina bricks, mullite bricks, low creep andalusite bricks, etc.
  • And unshaped refractories.

refractory products used in the nonferrous industry

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spinel brick

Spinel Refractory Bricks

Magnesium aluminate spinel refractory is simply called spinel refractory, which is alkali refractory. It is featured with spalling resistance, high ...
magnesia chrome brick forsale

Magnesia Chrome Brick

Magnesia chrome brick is a kind of alkaline refractory materials that periclase and magnesia-chrome spinel are the main crystal phase, ...
mullite bricks for sale

Mullite Bricks

Mullite bricks belong to neutral refractory materials. Such materials contain aluminum oxide about 48%-90%, with characters of high temperature resistance, ...

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