Refractory Materials Used in the Iron and Steel Industry

As we all know, refractory materials used in the iron and steel industry. Usually, for thermal equipment applied are as follows.

Normally, depending on the furnaces, refractory materials’ application are also different. Because the use of each furnace, the erosion is different. So is the wear-resistant refractories and the refractory materials applied in furnaces.

Firstly, we RS Refractory, provide some refractories used advice for CDQ Furnace and Coke Oven.

  • CDQ Furnace: anti-wearing fireclay brick; silica carbide bricks, mullite bricks, and unshaped refractory materials, etc.
  • Coke Oven: silica bricks, silimanite bricks, and unshaped refractories, etc.

coke oven picture

Moreover, Somebody may be more concerned about the Steel Ladle, EAF Furnace, Blast Furnace and so on.

  • Steel Ladle: silica carbide bricks, and monolithic refractories, etc.
  • Converters and EAF: corundum bricks, spinel bricks, magnesia bricks, magnesia-carbon bricks, and monolithic refractory materials, etc.
  • Blast Furnace: high alumina products, phosphate soaked fireclay bricks, corundum bricks, silica carbide bricks, corundum-mullite bricks, and unshaped refractory products, etc.

refractories used in the ladle

magnisium carbon bricks price

Magnesia Carbon Bricks

Magnesia carbon brick belongs to magnesia carbon refractory. Refractory supplier RS sales all kinds of magnesia carbon bricks with high ...
fire clay refractory bricks

Fireclay Brick

Fireclay brick is a kind of aluminum silicate material. It is fireclay refractory, which contains Al2O3 about 30% ~ 45%, ...
light weight castable

Refractory Castable

Refractory Castable is one type of monolithic refractory material, which is made of multiple aggregates and one kind or multiple kinds ...

The last listed furnaces can not be missed.

  • RH Furnace: direct bonded magnesia-chrome bricks, fused rebonded magnesia chrome bricks, fused semi-rebonded magnesia chrome bricks, high alumina insulating bricks, fire clay insulating bricks, and unshaped refractories, etc.
  • Ladle Furnace: magnesia carbon bricks, and unshaped refractories, etc.
  • Hot Blast Furnace: silica brick, mullite brick, andalusite bricks, special alumina zirconia bricks, low creep fireclay products, low creep high alumina products, and monolithic refractory products, etc.

refractories used in the blast furnace

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