Refractory Materials Applied in the Glass Industry

Refractory products used in the glass industry as follows:

  • Silica bricks, sintered zirconia corundum bricks;
  • Direct bonded magnesia chrome bricks, dense fireclay bricks;
  • High purity magnesia bricks, high purity corundum bricks, etc.
  • And monolithic refractories.

refractory materials applied in the glass kiln

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magnesia chrome brick forsale

Magnesia Chrome Brick

Magnesia chrome brick is a kind of alkaline refractory materials that periclase and magnesia-chrome spinel are the main crystal phase, ...
fire clay refractory bricks

Fireclay Brick

Fireclay brick is a kind of aluminum silicate material. It is fireclay refractory, which contains Al2O3 about 30% ~ 45%, ...
silicon refractory brick

Silicon Bricks

Silicon Bricks belong to silicon refractory materials. Silicate brick is a kind of acid refractory. Quartzite is the raw material, ...

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