Refractory Gunning Castable

Refractory Gunning Castable Description:

Refractory Gunning Castable
Refractory Gunning Castable

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    The actual Refractory Gunning Castable is actually transported, poured, or tamped to form a template. The refractory materials composed of refractory cement and aggregate are suddenly affected during the construction process of long surface, processing, and simple high, and good refractory spray coating. The refractory material produced by the impact is compacted, and the uniform density layer has obvious compactness and strength.


    Heavy-duty refractory spray paint is relative to lightweight refractory spray paint. Light-weight spray paint refers to a density of 0.5~1.3g/cm3, and medium-heavy spray paint refers to a density of 1.3~1.8g/cm3. The density of quality spray paint is the largest, greater than 1.8g/cm3. Lightweight spray coatings are used for heat preservation and heat insulation linings. Medium and heavy spray coatings can be used as heat insulation linings and working linings for low and medium-temperature atmosphere furnaces. Heavy spray coatings are mainly used as high-temperature working linings.


    Refractory Castable are mainly used as sealing materials for the lining of thermal equipment in industrial kilns and can be applied to hot blast pipe systems, blast furnace throats, furnace roof and gas outlet pipe systems, furnace bottom foundations, blast furnaces, and hot blast furnace linings.


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