In order to make up for the carbon content in the iron and steel smelting process due to factors such as smelting time, holding time, and long overheating time, the carbon-containing substances added are called carburant.

Carburant Species

There are many types of carburant, which can be generally divided into metallurgical coke carburant, calcined coal carburant, petroleum coke carburant, graphitizing carburant, natural graphite carburant, and composite carburant. Graphitization can reduce the content of impurities in the carburant, increase the carbon content of the carburant, and reduce the sulfur content. When casting, it can greatly increase the amount of scrap steel, reduce the amount of pig iron and even no pig iron. Therefore, graphitized carburant is the high-quality carburant.


Carburant manufacturer
Carburant manufacturer

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    Carburant Specifications

    Category C % S % Application


    Metallurgical Coke Carburant <85% ≈1% Recarburization in large coke in cupola,   metal charge
    Calcined Coal Carburant 90~93% 0.3~0.5% Steel-making, gray iron
    Petroleum Coke Carburant 96~99% 0.3~0.7% Steel-making, grey iron, brake pads and cored wires, etc.
    Graphitization Carburant 98~99.5% 0.03~0.05% Nodular cast iron
    Natural Graphite Carburant 65~99% Steel-making
    Composite Material Carburant 93~97% 0.09~0.7% Temporarily unable to stabilize the addition and sulfur content.

    Used Of Carburant

    In the smelting process, due to improper batching or charging and excessive decarburization, sometimes the carbon content of steel does not meet the requirements of the peak period, then to the steel liquid carbon. The requirements for the carburant used in top-blown converter steelmaking are that the fixed carbon should be high, the content of ash, volatiles, sulfur, phosphorus, nitrogen and other impurities should be low, and the particle size should be dry, clean and moderate.


    Carburant for sale
    Carburant for sale

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      Carburant Function

      Used for casting, cast iron, cast steel, cast will have a requirement for carbon, carburant just as its name implies is to increase the carbon content in liquid iron, and, for example, commonly used in smelting furnace charge for pig iron, scrap steel, back to the furnace charge, iron carbon content is high, but relatively scrap purchase price is higher section, so adding scrap supply, reduce the quantity of pig iron, increase carburant, can reduce the casting cost play a role.

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