RS-Graphite Brick Supplier

RS-Graphite Bricks have excellent chemical stability, erosion resistance, resistance, low porosity, and excellent corrosion resistance.

Graphite Refractory Brick clean quality and volume are complete, can withstand temperature, and will not explode due to great changes in temperature.

graphite bricks
graphite bricks


During construction, Graphite Blockis no pollution, no impurity and plaque effect, can be removed, long-term use will not be reduced, and the anti-corrosion treatment has excellent thermal technology, especially suitable for equipment blocking in strong corrosive media.

The thermal expansion coefficient of the head and the strip is small, and the linear change rate is small. Graphite Refractory Brick is used within the range of 180, and its performance is stable and the resistance is strong.

The size of graphite carbon bricks, except the table, all special-shaped graphite carbon bricks based on 230*113*65, such as thick and wide models, corner bricks, fan-shaped bricks, etc., are produced according to user requirements.

Physical and chemical index of impregnated graphite carbon board: Capacity: 1.65-1.95g/cm³ Compressive strength: more than 49MP

Tensile strength: greater than 7.5MP. Maximum operating temperature: 150°C. Penetration resistance (impermeable to water pressure): 0.6MP

Dipping depth: ≥10mm


RS-Graphite Refractory Brick Use


Graphite bricks (boards) come in many forms: molds used in the foundry industry, bricks (boards) used for anti-corrosion linings


Generally speaking, it is impregnated graphite carbon board and graphite carbon brick using high-quality graphite carbon material, which becomes impermeable material by impregnating an impregnant with strong acid resistance. It is refined by high-pressure forming, vacuum impregnation, and high-temperature heat treatment. It has extraordinary acid and temperature resistance. It is an ideal lining material for phosphoric acid reaction tanks and phosphoric acid storage tanks in the chemical industry.


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