Zirconium Silicate Flour for Sale

What is Zirconium Silicate Flour? Zirconium Silicate Flour is a non-toxic, odorless white or off-white powder. Zirconium silicate is processed from natural zircon sand by ultra-fine grinding, iron removal, titanium removal, and other processes. It is characterized by a high refractive index (1.93~2.01), good chemical stability, and high-temperature resistance. Contact Rongsheng for the Zirconium Silicate Flour latest price.

Rongsheng Zirconium Silicate Flour for Sale
Rongsheng Zirconium Silicate Flour for Sale

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    Name Zirconium Silicate Chemical Formula ZrSiO₄
    Solubility Insoluble in water Color White or off-white
    Category Inorganic – silicate – zirconium salt Theory Composition ZrO2(67.2%); SiO2( 32.8%)
    Other Names

    Zirconium silicate, 99%; zirconium(4+) orthosilicate; zirconium(2+) oxosilanediolate; dioxido-oxo-silane; zirconium(+4) cation

    Zirconium Silicate Flour Uses

    1. As an opacifier, Zirconium Silicate Flour is widely used in various types of ceramic glazes. For example, architectural ceramics, sanitary ceramics, household ceramics, etc.
    2. It is also widely used in precision casting, color picture tubes, float glass, enamel glaze, and other industries.
    3. In the plastics industry. For epoxy formulations, sealing resins, fillers for silicones, vinyls, and resins to increase heat resistance and improve resistance insulation values, for fillers that require inert, fine, white, and chemical resistance.
    4. In addition, due to the high melting point of zirconium silicate powder, it is also widely used in refractory materials, zirconium ramming materials for glass furnaces, castables, and spray coatings.

    RS Zirconium Silicate Flour Product Specifications & Applications

    Type Average mesh Application


    High-grade sanitary porcelain
    High-grade daily-use porcelain
    High-grade crystal brick

    RS-1.2 D50≤1.2um


    Middle and low class sanitation porcelain,external and internal brick, archaized brick, engobe, body, etc.

    RS-2.0 D50≤2.0um

    What is the Role of Zirconium Silicate Flour in the Glaze?

    • Whitening: improve product whiteness;
    • Opacity: cover the color and sundries of the bottom green body;
    • Toughening: Increase the toughness of the glaze to prevent cracks;
    • Wear resistance: Increase the wear resistance of glazed floor tiles.

    The role of Zirconium Silicate Flour in the glaze is mainly to increase the whiteness, in addition to increasing the firing temperature and improving the elasticity of the glaze. A certain amount of zirconium silicate powder is added to the polished ultra-white floor tiles we use every day. There is also a certain amount of zirconium silicate on the glaze of the tiles that are laid in our daily bathrooms and other places. Its function is also mainly to increase the whiteness, and also to increase the elasticity of the glaze, that is, to solve the phenomenon of cracking the tiles.

    The Dosage of Zirconium Silicate Powder in Traditional Ceramic Industry

    The application ratio of zirconium silicate in the traditional ceramic industry. Daily ceramics and sanitary ware are mainly used for high temperature opaque glaze, and their content is 8-12% and 8-14% respectively. Glazed interior wall tiles are used for cosmetic soil and zirconium white frit, the content of which is 4-10% and 10-12% respectively. The early porcelain polished tiles were used for ultra-white tiles, and their content was 3-5%, more than 3-5%, and the internal irradiation and external irradiation increased significantly. Therefore, many companies reduce the amount of zirconium silicate in polished tiles, generally adding 1-2%, and glazed products will also add 1% zirconium silicate or zircon powder to increase stability, but this is not the main application. The application of zirconium silicate in pigment-related fields is more than 50%.

    RS Zirconium Silicate Flour Chemical Properties

    Item RS65 RS64.5 RS63.5
    ZrO2+HfO2 65.0 min 64.5 min 63.5 min
    Fe2O3 0. 06 max 0. 08 max 0. 12 max
    TiO2 0.10 max 0.12 max 0.18 max

    Zirconium Silicate Flour for Sale

    As one of the zirconium silicate powder suppliers, we provide high-quality Zirconium Silicate Flour for ceramic glazes, and also zircon sand. For our customers, such as from Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, etc. To get the latest zirconium silicate price, please contact us.

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