Introduction To Impregnated Graphite Brick

Impregnated graphite bricks manufacturing mainly uses fine particles of high quality, and uses graphite material specially used for chemical industry. Then according to the actual conditions of use to choose excellent anticorrosion resin, after repeated vacuum impregnation, high temperature and high pressure heat treatment process.

This series of graphite bricks manufacturing has excellent corrosion resistance, can resist all kinds of hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid, nitric acid, hydrofluoric acid, mixed acid and strong alkali corrosion. It is also an ideal anticorrosive material for phosphoric acid reaction tank in chemical industry, pickling tank in metallurgical industry, acid ditch, acid pit, floor and other equipment.


Graphite bricks
Graphite bricks

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Physical and Chemical Properties Of Impregnated Graphite Bricks

Physical Properties
Specific Gravity g/cm3 1.7~1.9
Compressive Strength MPa 50~70
Tensile Strength MPa 8~14
Flexural Strength MPa 50~70
Impregnating Depth Soak
Thermal Conductivity 104.7~127.9
Coefficient Of Linear Expansion 2.0~4.0
Operating Temperature ℃ 150~200
Decay Resistance
Medium Concentration % Temperature℃
Hydrochloric Acid Random Boiling Point
Sulfuric Acid ≤50 Boiling Point
Sulfuric Acid 70 Boiling Point
Phosphoric Acid 85 100
Nitric Acid 5 Normal Temperature
Nitric Acid 20 60
Hydrofluoric Acid <5 Normal Temperature
Nitric Acid + Hydrofluoric Acid 20+10 60
Sodium Hydroxide 50 Boiling Point

Graphite materials are mainly made of petroleum coke, needle coke as the raw material, coal asphalt as the binding agent, after calcining, batching, mixing and kneading, pressing, roasting at 1000℃, grapgraptization at about 3000℃, and machining.

After graphitization at about 3000℃, its purity will be greatly improved, and its carbon content will reach over 99.9%. Graphite products can conduct heat and electricity, its thermal conductivity than steel, iron, lead and other metal materials. The melting point is also very high, the coefficient of expansion is small, but also can withstand the rapid change of hot and cold. The series of graphite bricks also have good chemical stability, milk dog resistance to acid, alkali and organic solvent corrosion.


Graphite bricks manufacturing
Graphite bricks manufacturing

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