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Refractory castable manufacturing is widely used in many industries because of its characteristics of simple construction, excellent performance and extensive construction sites. Usually used in high temperature industrial production, next I will explain the refractory castable in the construction process of the matters needing attention. We are a high quality refractory manufacturers, if you have a demand for refractories, please contact us in time.


Refractory castable manufacturing
Refractory castable manufacturing

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Precautions for construction of refractory castable manufacturing

1. The water content should be strictly controlled during the construction of refractory castable. During winter construction, the temperature should be greater than 5℃ and anti-freezing measures should be taken.

2. It is necessary to use mixer to mix materials in the construction process, and manual mixing is strictly prohibited.

3. Anchoring parts must be painted with bituminous paint. This refractory product is strictly prohibited to be mixed with other castables.


High strength refractory castable

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Before the construction of refractory castable, the castable construction equipment shall be prepared in advance, the site shall be cleaned, and the construction machinery and equipment shall be in good condition. Material, size, arrangement and welding quality of anchorage parts and water loss prevention measures of surrounding firebrick. The failure of the castable should be tested in advance before use, and the quality of the water used should meet drinking water standards. If the above verification is qualified, the construction work can be started under the condition of uninterrupted construction.

Above is what we bring to you about the refractory castable construction matters needing attention. We are a refractory materials manufacturer, refractory castable manufacturing automation degree is high, the assembly line work is perfect, refractory products of a complete range, quality is reliable, welcome to consult and purchase.

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