Refractory Mortar Characteristics

Zhengzhou Rongsheng Kiln Refractory Co.,Ltd. production of refractory mortar, there are two kinds of packaging drum and bag. Refractory maotar characteristics is a workability, high temperature resistance of a high quality refractory materials.

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Refractory mortar characteristics outstanding. It is a kind of refractory products with high temperature resistance, high adhesion strength, good slag resistance and almost no shrinkage.

Refractory mortar is not only strong adhesive relay, but also non – corrosive to metal matrix. The coating has a wide application temperature range. And can maintain good adhesion performance and corrosion resistance at 1800℃.

Refractory mortar according to the material can be divided into clay, high aluminum, mullite, just jade and other four materials. Each material can be divided into light materials and heavy materials.

According to the material of masonry refractory products, come select the corresponding quality of high temperature refractory mortar.

This series of refractory materials according to the brick material and temperature requirements, choose the same material powder add inorganic binder. And then after the reaction to make a new type of inorganic cement materials. Refractory mortar can be divided into four grades of 1300~1700℃. Widely used in kiln masonry with small ash seam, good sealing and high bonding strength.

Refractory mortar characteristics

  1. Good flexibility, easy construction;
  2. Strong bond strength, and erosion resistance;
  3. High refractoriness, up to 1650℃±50℃;
  4. Little shrinkage during baking and sintering;
  5. It has high bonding strength and good resistance to physical and chemical erosion.
  6. Excellent thermal stability;

The strength of refractory mortar increases several times after drying. The construction is convenient, the bond is tight, can make the masonry bond into a body, not loose deformation. Then can also be adjusted according to design standards or user requirements.

Refractory mortar characteristics has remarkable, widely used in masonry mullite insulation brick, clay brick, high aluminum heavy brick and so on. Effective can be used to prevent the invasion of air and hot air to the masonry, and also used to prevent the erosion of slag and molten metal to the brick seam.

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