Metallurgical Auxiliary

The metallurgical auxiliary materials are included Refining slag, Carburant, Covering Agent, Fluorite, Light burned magnesia pellets, High-Silicon Silicon-Manganese, Silicon Manganese Nitride, Silicon Iron Nitride, Vanadium Nitrogen Alloy and High Nitrogen Composite Alloy etc. I plant professional sales of all kinds of metallurgical auxiliary materials, types complete, reliable quality, welcome to come to consult procurement.


Refining slag

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    The main components of the refining slag are CaAl2O4, Al2O3, SiO2, CaF2, MgO, etc. There are sintered refining slag, premelted refining slag and mixed refining slag.

    There are many types of carburant, which can be generally divided into metallurgical coke carburant, calcined coal carburant, petroleum coke carburant, graphitizing carburant, natural graphite carburant, and composite carburant. If you need carburant, please contact us.

    Covering Agen possess there are two types, insulation covering agent and heating covering agent.

    Fluorite, also known as fluorspar, has a variety of common colors, and its main component is CaF2. It is widely used, mainly in the three major industries of metallurgy, chemical industry and building materials, and also in light industry, optics, carving and defense industry.


    Fluorite for sale

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      Lightly burned magnesia pellets are made by using lightly burned magnesium powder as the main raw material, adding water and binding agent at the same time, mixing and mixing to form balls and drying, which reacts quickly with slag, has good slag adjustment effect, improves the melting point and viscosity of the slag, is slag making and splashing The ideal product for slag.

      High-silicon silicon-manganese, also called low-carbon silicon-manganese,compared with ordinary silicon-manganese, the deoxidation and reduction effects in the steel-making process are increased by 2-3 times.


      Carburant for sale

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