Silicon Manganese Nitride

Definition of Silicon Manganese Nitride

Silicon manganese nitride is mainly composed of S3N4 and Mn5N2. Accompanied by a mixture of non-silicon iron nitride, non-silicon manganese and a small amount of other ingredients. The granular product of silicon manganese nitride is off-white.


Silicon Manganese Nitride
Silicon Manganese Nitride

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    The Main Components of Silicon Manganese Nitride

    The median value of N is taken as 28%, the median value of Si is taken as 41.5%, 3% of the binder and aeration. Therefore, the basic ingredients (%) of the silicon manganese synthesis raw materials are: Si: 60. 1%, Mn ≦ 21. 7%, Fe ≦ 18.8%.

    According to empirical data of large-scale industrial production, the conversion rate of Si to Si3N4 is generally 90 ~ 100%, and the maximum amount of Mn combined nitrogen is 9%. The main components of silicon manganese nitride are calculated as follows:

    N Si Mn Fe
    26.9 ~ 28.9 42.7 ~ 41.5 15.4 ~ 15.0 13.4 ~ 13.0
    Silicon Manganese Nitride Sales
    Silicon Manganese Nitride Sales

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      Considering the differences in the ingredients of different manufacturers and the differences in conversion rates, the FeMnSiN-A, FeMnSiN-B silicon content is set to 38.0 to 43.0, the nitrogen content is set to 26.0 to 30.0, and the manganese content is set to 10.0 to 15.0. FeMnSiN-C is relaxed on the basis of the above two grades and is an entry-level product for the production of silicon manganese nitride. The iron element in the product is not specified. For steelmaking, iron is a beneficial element, which is expressed in the standard as “surplus”.

      Parameter Index of Silicon Manganese Nitride

      Items Mn Si N C S P Fe
      40~45 20~26 16~21 ≤2.0 ≤0.04 ≤0.04 surplus
      ≤10 42~48 24~27 ≤1.5 ≤0.02 ≤0.1
      ≤15 38~45 25~30 ≤0.8 ≤0.02 ≤0.1
      Granularity: 10~100mm

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        Uses of Silicon Manganese Nitride

        Silicon manganese nitride is mainly used as a nitrogenating agent for oriented silicon steel, as a nitrogenating agent for high-strength steels (such as HRB400), and also as a nitrogenating agent for casting.

        Nitrogen is a strong element that forms and stabilizes austenite, and plays an important role in the solid solution and precipitation of carbonitrides in microalloyed steels.

        The nitrogen content in silicon manganese nitride reaches 8-35%, the density is greater than the density of the steel slag, the melting point is lower than the temperature of the molten steel, and can be easily added to the molten steel, so that the yield of manganese, silicon and nitrogen reaches a stable state. In the alloying production of high-strength low-alloy steel, reinforcing steel and stainless steel, it is used in combination with iron vanadium or vanadium nitrogen to promote the absorption of nitrogen in the molten steel through manganese and increase the necessary nitrogen content in the steel. Together, it can play a greater role in refining grains. It is mainly used as a nitrogen-increasing agent for oriented silicon steel, a nitrogen-increasing agent for high-strength steel and a nitrogen-increasing agent for casting.

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