Aluminum-Iron Alloy

Aluminum-Iron Alloy Introduction

The aluminum-iron alloy is a molten block in which iron and aluminum are simultaneously melt-mixed and injected into the mold to form an alloy state. Adding iron increases the specific gravity of aluminum, prolongs the time of aluminum and iron in molten steel, and improves the deoxidizing ability and the yield of aluminum.

The range of aluminum content in the alloy is adapted to the amount of aluminum used in stainless steel, so that the deoxidized steel has better performance. Wide application range and good performance.

Aluminum-iron alloy mainly has high resistivity, low density, high hardness, good wear resistance, good vibration and impact resistance.


Aluminum iron alloy
Aluminum iron alloy

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    Parameter Index of Aluminum-Iron Alloy

    Designation · Marks Bases % ChCharacteristics
    Aluminum-Iron Alloy AlFe5 Fe(4-6) Aloe fragilis
    Aluminum-Iron Alloy AlFe10 Fe(9-11) Aloe fragilis
    Aluminum-Iron Alloy AlFe20 Fe(18-22) Aloe fragilis

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