Vanadium Nitrogen Alloy

Vanadium nitrogen alloy is a blank made of raw materials such as vanadium pentoxide, carbon powder, and active agent. Under normal pressure and nitrogen atmosphere protection, the vanadium-nitrogen alloy is formed by reaction at a high temperature of 1500 to 1800 ° C.

Vanadium-nitrogen alloy is a new type of alloy additive, which has a more effective effect of strengthening and refining grains than iron vanadium, and can replace iron vanadium for the production of microalloyed steel. It is widely used in high-strength low-alloy steel for effective micro-alloying of vanadium and nitrogen to promote the precipitation of carbon, vanadium and nitrogen compounds in steel. effect. Improve the comprehensive mechanical properties of steel such as strength, toughness, ductility and thermal fatigue resistance, and make the steel have good weldability.


Vanadium nitrogen alloys price
Vanadium nitrogen alloys price

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    Characteristics of Vanadium-Nitrogen Alloy

    1. It has a more effective effect of strengthening and refining grains than iron vanadium.
    2. Saving the amount of vanadium added, vanadium-nitrogen alloy can save 20-40% vanadium compared with ferrovanadium under the same strength.
    3. The yield of vanadium and nitrogen is stable, reducing the fluctuation of steel performance.
    4. Easy to use and low loss. Using high-strength moisture-proof packaging, can be directly into the furnace.

    Parameter Index of Vanadium-Nitrogen Alloy

    Ingredient V N C P S Al
    Content (%) 77~81% 14~18% 3~6% ≤0.03% ≤0.006% ≤0.08%

    Vanadium Nitrogen Alloy Density

    The apparent density of vanadium-nitrogen alloy should not be less than 3.0g / cm³.


    Vanadium nitrogen alloys
    Vanadium nitrogen alloys

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      Vanadium Nitrogen Alloy Particle Size

      The particle size of the vanadium-nitrogen alloy should be 10mm-40mm, and the particle size of less than 10mm in the product should not be greater than 5% of the total. According to the requirements of the user, after consultation between the supplier and the buyer and indicated in the contract, other vanadium-nitrogen alloys with other particle size requirements can also be supplied.

      Application of Vanadium-Nitrogen Alloy

      Vanadium-nitrogen alloys can be used in structural steel, tool steel, pipe steel, reinforcing steel and cast iron. Vanadium-nitrogen alloys are used in high-strength low-alloy steels, which can effectively perform micro-alloying of vanadium and nitrogen at the same time, promote the precipitation of carbon, vanadium, and nitrogen compounds in the steel, and play a more effective role in precipitation strengthening and grain refinement.

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